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Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue

We all have something in our lives we are passionate about and at Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue it is the little dog with the lion heart and brave and loving soul. It is all wrapped up in the tiny furry shell which is unmistakably and most recognizably the Pekingese. Its history is as proud and lustrous as the unmistakable strut of these small dogs.  It is the passion for this breed, the Pekingese, that is the reason for Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue.

Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese rescue was founded in 2011 on an idea and lots of hope! It was the love of this breed that brought Susan Gayle and Christie Gourdoux and others to be inspired to help save ones that would be otherwise euthanized due to lack of shelter space or funds to care for them.  The idea started on a Facebook group for Pekingese Lovers.  Becoming fast friends, Susan and Christie thought there must be a way to save the ones they saw listed at shelters across the country. Many discussions were held before it was decided we can do this and what shall we name it! Susan had adopted her first Pekingese dog from Big Hearts Little Paws Pekingese Rescue and they both thought it only fitting that they rearrange the name to pay tribute to that first Pekingese whose name was Tippy and thus was born Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue.

With little experience and a whole lot of enthusiasm Christie and Susan dug into the tasks at hand to get the rescue going. It was tough going to launch into this endeavor with little knowledge or experience, but they made contacts with others who would help them on their way. It would be a venture that would take them both in new directions, learning so much along the way. There was a lot to figure out, such as raising funds to be able to take in animals, getting fosters, transportation for dogs to appointments, to fosters and to adoptive homes. It was a lot to tackle alongside of all the paperwork and other fine details that go into rescue. Once we got our heads around these tasks we could concentrate on other things: Planning events for fundraising, building a website, promoting dogs for adoption on Petfinder and other websites, honing our adoption application, home visit and adoption contract process. Dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s of paperwork needed by the state and last but not least getting our 501c3 officially making us a publicly recognized charity. We have come a long ways since 2011 and still have a long way more to go with many more dogs to save. Each one wrapping themselves into our hearts as we know they do to their forever families.

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Adopting a Peke is fairly simple.

We do all we can to see that each Peke is taken to the vet, have their shots, heartworm test and a spay/neuter. Some of the dogs go to the groomer and have a dental, depending on condition.

Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue

1. Download an application from our home page and once it is sent please complete it and email or mail back to us, see contact information below. Once it is received you will get a confirmation email . Please allow up to 14 days for processing.

2. Once we are done processing your application we will contact you if we have further questions. Please do not contact before the processing time is up it only delays our work.

3. You will be notified when and whether your application has been approved.

4. Please do not go on the other adoption sites to make multiple enquiries. It does not help.

5. Thank you for your patience.