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Susan Gayle
Portland, ME
Northeast Coordinator

Christie Gourdoux
Vansant, VA
Southeast Coordinator

Adopting a Peke is fairly simple.

We do all we can to see that each Peke is taken to the vet, have their shots, heartworm test and a spay/neuter. Some of the dogs go to the groomer and have a dental, depending on condition.

1. We send an adoption application via email or postal mail to anyone interested in adopting. IT TAKES TIME TO GO THROUGH ALL THE APPS AND REFERENCES WE GET! PLEASE REMAIN CALM!! IF YOU TAKE UP OUR TIME ANSWERING ALL YOUR MESSAGES ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON, IT WILL TAKE EVEN LONGER TO GET THROUGH THE APP!! You are free to ask questions about the app in a calm and respectful manner. RUDE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!

2. If the app check goes well, we do a home visit to make sure that the home is safe.

3. If we feel confident that this is the right home for our Peke, then the adoption is made final. You will sign a law abiding adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. NO, DOGS ARE NOT FREE. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE ADOPTION FEE, YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PROPERLY CARE FOR A DOG! DON’T ASK, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!