Opportunities & Supplies

  • Grant writer – this position involves researching and writing for grants to help the rescue grow and flourish
  • Fosters homes – needed in all states especially Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Florida.  This position involves caring for dogs that the rescues take in until they are ready for transportation or adoption. We have many different types of fosters, medical fosters, hospice fosters, and fosters that specialize in behaviorial issues. Whatever your skills we need you the more fosters we have the more dogs we can save.
  • Transporters– this position involves volunteering for a short leg of a very coordinated transportation . Legs are typically about an hour in length. Sometimes we need people to keep a dog overnight so it can continue on the next leg of its journey.
  • Event Organizers – this position involves mostly researching low cost or no cost events local to Maine and New England and coordinating with Susan to set up dates for the events in the calendar.
  • Social Media Guru – this position involves helping Susan and Christy make the best possible use of social media platforms like facebook, instagram and others  by helping them learns the ins and outs that can boost their audience and visibility.
  • Groomers– In all states but especially Maine – This position involves helping the rescue by grooming dogs taken and sometimes its at very short notice because of the condition of the dog. Groomers are vital to what we do and we so appreciate the value this will add to the dogs lives and the rescue!
  • People who can sew– This position can be done from your own home in any state you live in. We are now pushing our bandanas and facemasks that support the rescue and this position would directly support what Susan has been doing for the rescue and free her up to work on more projects
  • Fundraisers and Canvassers of Donations of goods– This role is vital to keep the rescue alfoat! Fundraising comes in many forms and the more creative the better! Use your creative side to help the rescue maintain their vetting fund. We are open to all new ideas of fundraising. The other side of this is canvassing businesses and individuals for tangible goods for sale or auction by the rescue to raise funds.
  • Creative people– Use your creative side to benefit a good cause! We welcome your creativeness and will find a way to use your skill for the rescue . We have a need for an artist that specializes in drawing dogs. We have projects for you!